Monday, September 26, 2011

party @ mist club ♥

hello people! time to blog.
had a very very great night partying with all the party kings
and party queens! LOL!
okay, time for some photos! ;p
im, actually waiting for my babe sooyee come and pick me up.
and ii know its gonna be quite long time
so, ,i decided to blog awhile ;p
we're heading to kepong, i think. LOL
to attend friend's birthday party.

seh zun in da house!
ah pau! celine pau
sam lee, monkey and kenny thong
party kingss
kit kit and meijin
ah thong!
beloved meijin
lil wai!
she's leaving to sg! :(

Monday, September 5, 2011


hello people! we're back! ;p
we've been missing almost a year due to our laziness ;p
i really do miss blogging but our beloved joey lee shes super lazy to change the banner
until now our blog still dont have a BANNER! LOL!
okayy, anyway gotta ciao now ;p

Saturday, September 3, 2011


@ Meow Meow Town (Kuching) with da ladies! :D

hello hello! :D
we're backkkkk!
miss blogging so muchhh! :x
abandoned this blog for almost a year. lol!
im so sorry! so lazy to do the banner.
and after few months am still lazy. LOL
aiyah juz leave it like this first la kay~ :(

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

After all..

FINALLY im almost done redesigning this blog since lotsa people nag me to change the layout ! pft!
and i spent 2 days to done all this..
actually, its quite easy to do the layout..
all you need is just need to understand the HTML codes. ;p
and is getting easy as well.
80% DONE NOW !
the next thing to do is just design the header! owhemgee.
we planned to do some photoshoot if its possible. ;p
whole white or floral ?
still deciding !
so looking forward to it thou! ;p

Monday, November 29, 2010

love youu dad ;)

yoyoyo, readers ! how are you ?
LOL ! I've been missing for 2months. well, nowadays im super lazy to blog and i realized my life is fucking sucks !
college college, assignment assignment, presentation presentation !
i hate college's life ! im so fucking stress !
honestly, i really dont like college !
once again, i really HATE college !

luckily i got my boyfiee, chios, family and friends
i cant survive without them ! i love them lotsss !
especially my dad, he really spent alots of money on me
im not a good daughter cause i love to spend money :(
especially all the branded branded stuff !
i really need to control myself, even though my dad can afford it !
i wanna be a good daughter ;p
my boyfiee was pissed off when he saw my new stuff
he said i shouldnt spent so much money cause i dont know how to earn money
and money is very hard to earn :(
' $$ hou ga nan want '
so, i'll
STOP spending so much money and START to save money !

perfectly satisfied !
my favorite Chanel
LOL ! this is ugly but i like it ! ;p

Saturday, November 13, 2010

College Life. :)

Hello readers. how are you today ? im fine. ;p
So well. im bored. so i decided to blog here. ;D
Wonder why i begitu free ? coz ima free birdy now. ;p im done with sem2. ;)
but then left 2 more exams to go which i dont really mind d result. lol.
Hmm. sem2 is really very tough. we cant ask our lecturer that if we can postpone the dead line or not like we used to do in semester 1.
This sem is really tiring.. due to ima last minute person, i like to do things in last min which idk why also. :(
And sometimes i even slept for 2 hours and get my lazy ass out of bed and go to college again. or sometimes i even stay back at college to do group work until 7 or 8pm.
But fortunately, i love design. so yea.. i THINK i wont give up that easily. atleast for now im still enjoying what im doing right now.

Regarding to our Ms sooyee's latest post. IMA NOT AGREE WITH HER ! LOL.
Some people might think that high school is more fun than college due to their stress.
What i think is college life are much more happyhappy.
Mayb coz i get more freedom in college life ? coz is like when everytime when we having break for 2 or 3 hours, we'll go ac or pyramid to have lunch or take a break and back to class. or even if we're tired, we even skip class to chill.
High school cant do this at all. LOL. once you step out of school, GG laaa. our Ms TanSeeMiin (my high school principal) will look for you even call your parents blablabla so childish stuff to find you or whatsoever. LOL.
So thats high school life, what to do. hahaha.
mayb for now you dont know wth im talking right now, you'll get what i mean very soon if youre still a high school student. lol.

ANYWAY, thats my personal thinking la okay. altho sometimes i will be so dam stress due to tons of assign that havent done. LOL. but atleast now i got almost 4WEEKS to rest. ;p

So about my little chios.
our Ms sooyee's college life is so happening. Lots of bees are flying around her. HAHA.
but unfortunately, jealousy made her life more complicated, and ima always be her first listener. :)
and our little yingki, she always just stick with her boyfie 24/7. altho sometimes i saw her super stress face in college. especially exams week. she'll be studying in starbucks with her bunch of friends. THAT PRECIOUS MOMENT I EVER SEEN FROM HER. haha.

and about my college babes.
im happy that i have two awesome girlfriends. we gossip everyday !!
our 'SAM XI' LOL. you'll never know what we always gossip about. ;p

okiedokie. ima stop here.
going out to tapao some food for my brunch. :(
ciao people. take care. xxx. :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

heellloo people! ♥

hello readers! i know i've been MIA for a couple of weeks.
im here to apologize to ya'll. because of my finals! i've no time to blog, I'm stress like no one do. and i have tons of assignment during the previous week, assignments really killing me. why cant college repeal assignments?! WHY!

for those form 5 students who is ready to go college. please do study hard, college life isn't that
easy. suffer now and enjoy later. and do not skip classes. once u skip a class, means u will miss tons of stuffs that lecturer teach in the class. so yeah. people. listen to my advice.
i regretted that i dint study hard. i always enjoy 1st. i screwed up my semester 1. now i wanna start a brand new semester 2, and study hard. no more slacking all the time, no more day dreaming in the class while lecturer is teaching! damn.

i am rejoice that i have the Chios. without the Chios. my life would be so shitty. some one once told me that. do not believe others so easily. they might take advantage of ur kindness. this world consists many kind of people. open up ur eyes BIG BIG to know a person well.
well, there is too many bitches appear in my life. i've no clue why. i treat them nicely with my sincere heart. im friendly enough to make friends with them. but still, bitches appear one by one.
bitching is pathetic, but whats even worse is the fact you cant say it to their face. awww. how sad.